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About me? Well, I’m owned by my wonderful artist daughter, three dogs and a kitten. I write crime suspense thrillers for adults and ‘life-handling’ picture books for children - fiction with seeds sown from fact.

I’m currently working on new books ‘Calling’ (The Fallen Angel series) and ‘For My Sins’ (The David Trilogy). And have just completed ‘The Ginormous Series’ of six children’s picture books. Inspired by my beloved pets, soul-soothing co-writers who sleep by my desk as I write - Joe, Dali, Tom, Muttley and Vinnie.

My police work (Major Crime Team, Crime Investigator, Intel Analyst, Wanted & Absconder Unit) has taught me to be kind to others, we all have our stories.

I love coffee, chocolate and shabby chic. My writing den is shabbied to within an inch of it's life! See link below.

I'm a wannabe justice fighter and supporter of causes: Veterans. Child, Animal and Planet Protection. Mental Health and the underdog.

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To get a flavor of my writing style, the first books in two of my thriller series are free. Go snap them up and enjoy 😊

Siobhan x

(Pronounced 'Shevonne', don't ask, Irish parents 😊)



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Paranormal Crime Thriller (fThe Deal #free)



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THE DAVID TRILOGY -------- “I read a lot of books and this book moves up to one of my top 5 reads.” -------- "5* Hard-hitting, powerful, this rom thriller has it all - sex, murder, power, glamour, celebrities, stalkers, ex SAS, secrets, lies, revenge, wicked laugh out loud and the press. No wonder this one's going to Hollywood." -------- “Explosive and visceral... compelling.” -------- “I raise a glass, I'd love to meet anyone who writes like this.”
The Penance List, Unfinished Business, For My Sins.
THE FALLEN ANGEL SERIES -------- “The Deal is blissfully raw and absolutely perfect. ★★★★★ for days.” -------- “A riveting unusual story-line that keeps you guessing till the end. Did not want to put this entertaining book down - a must read. I'm impatient for the next one.” -------- “It has a delicious dark undertone, but it’s very contemporary and fresh. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever read before!” ------- "Hard to put down - a must read that keeps you guessing." --------
The Deal, Karma, Calling
THE GINORMOUS SERIES --- "This was the cutest book that touched my heart. The author did an outstanding job, I enjoyed it and I think that any child would love this story too." --- "Hooray for Ginormous Joe! What a great story. Pure love really does have redeeming/transforming properties doesn't it? I want to meet Ginormous Joe and give him a great big hug. Gorgeous illustrations!" --- “A lesson in life for us all. I shall remember liswat." --- “So real. Fires the imagination."
Silly Bullies, You Are Special, Secret, Welcoming Arms, Broken Bark, Friend
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